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a rite of passage…

If you've been hanging out this blog for a bamillion years then you know Ev used to be a pretty good shopper.  But things change.  And she's taken to complaining about it. Several years ago I started joining in the HubBub that is Black Friday.  There's just something about waking up while it's still dark, […]

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getting ready for southern living

So, a week ago the Army stop-lossed J.  That means the Army basically said, "we’re not letting you out after all."  Not a surprise.  Just a monkey-wrench.  A big, stressful monkey wrench.  J. has wised up about these Army kinks and has discovered it’s better to not tell me until the issue is resolved – […]

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tweet tweet

Last weekend was eventful and somewhat stressful.  On Saturday, I woke up to a hideous flapping noise in the wall behind the stove.  Turns out, it was a bird trapped in the wall.  It took 12 hours, a million franctic calls to every pest and critter person in town, some creative problem-solving and lots of […]

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for your little writer or artist

When I worked for a PBS station, one of the events most dear to my heart was the annual Reading Rainbow Young Writers & Illustrators Contest.  Every year, I produced an interstitial featuring footage of kiddos reading their stories and narrated by a young girl who had inherited her dad’s radio voice.  It was adorable.  […]

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