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snow day

It's been a long snow weekend here in NC.  Mostly we ate Cheez-its and pancakes and oreos and pizza…but in between all the eating we played: Ash is in this phase where she doesn't mind causing a mess; she just doesn't like getting caught up in it.  Seeing paint on her apron really had her […]

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things we’ve handed down: the littlest valentine

This is the sweet outfit that once belonged to me (or maybe my sister?).  A little red and ric-rac outfit handmade with love by Mom.  Isn’t she the cutest?  You have to ignore the Roseanne Barr-ish keep-the-couch-clean blanket that we sometimes keep on the furniture (and that I forget to move before taking pictures, sigh).  […]

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things we’ve handed down: toes

Do you ever blog in your head?  Around the house, while cooking, or shopping, or doing some other mundane thing?  I do.  These "posts" usually don’t make it to the blog.  Recently, though, I’ve been mentally cataloging a list of images that depict a running theme.  I’ve started photographing them and I have a small […]

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