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homemade Land of Nod (diy felt mitten garland)

When I saw these garlands on the Land of Nod website I knew I'd bumped into an easy craft that would turn out cute enough to actually use as decoration.  10 sheets of felt and a bag of tiny clothespins later… I was actually prepared for the possibility that this particular Christmas project would be […]

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almost here…

I can't believe The Boy is almost here.  Little brother.  Our son.  Terms I'm so unfamiliar with.  I wish we had time to get excited and contemplate it all but I'm afraid this little man is starting out every bit a "third child."  Our life is already pretty hectic, and getting worse with James' Guard […]

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the bad and the ugly…

  I recently took meals to a friend (working mom) who was not used to being home with her toddler for long stretches at a time.  I arrived around dinner time, and the house looked pretty normal – you know, a day's worth of toys scattered about the livingroom.  She's enduring a difficult pregnancy so it's exactly […]

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seeing red

This year I am digging Christmas.  I bought half a dozen Christmas magazines two months ago and earmarked almost every page, making lists and lists of things to make.  But in the end, slightly handicapped by 8 days out of town, I decided to pare down my list to the easiest things I could do […]

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signed, Evyn

  I never intended for her bedroom to be yellow – she was supposed to share a room with Ashlyn, remember?  That room is painted a restful, calm lavender. This room is playful, buttery yellow because, well, it was supposed to be a play room.  But Ashlyn didn't sleep well with extra noise.  So Evyn […]

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