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Ashlyn’s First Trip to the ER

We knew it would come some day.  I've joked about it for a couple of years now.  Thankfully, it didn't turn out to be a big deal.  She fell and her teeth made a huge gash in her bottom lip -I had no clue how bad it was or if it would require stitches…so off […]

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a rite of passage…

If you've been hanging out this blog for a bamillion years then you know Ev used to be a pretty good shopper.  But things change.  And she's taken to complaining about it. Several years ago I started joining in the HubBub that is Black Friday.  There's just something about waking up while it's still dark, […]

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the final days of summer…

I know.  It's September.  The final days of summer were weeks ago for most.  This blog has been on the bottom of a very long list that includes three small children, a household, photography, client galleries, etc…but I miss it.  I miss all of my dear readers.  I am going to resolve to post a […]

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Peace for M.

If you have kids you might already recognize the scene: Ash with a Strawberry Shortcake boo-boo ice pack, bought in such a hurry it still has the plastic tag on it. Yesterday I was at Target, with all three munchkins.  And the two oldest ones were carrying on in the store as usual.  Flitting and […]

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“because I have three”

That's what I want to get put on a t-shirt or tattoo on my forehead.  It would explain away so much…like why my hair looks like this. Or why there are about 13 coffee cups in my minivan right now.  Or why I am showing up a good 15 minutes later than usual (which is […]

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