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an open letter to my dear food-photog Andrea:

Dear Andrea, Several times a week my Facebook page is graced with your annoyingly beautiful photos of food.  I get it.  You're a great baker, a great cook, and an awesome photog.   Which means I get to eye all your pears and cherries and scones on teal saucers with envy – wishing I had the […]

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you’re prettier than you think

So, as a photographer, one of the most important things to me, when taking someone's picture, is to capture the person genuinely, and beautifully.  But it's hard.  Because people are so self-conscious. About their scratches and scars and ears.  And it's just plain difficult to relax sometimes.  I get it.  I'm one of those, too.  […]

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going somewhere?

Last year it was dressers.  This year its chairs and suitcases. If you saw the growing collection of both in my garage, you'd think I either planned to do a lot of sitting or a lot of going. You remember MAD's suitcase?  I didn't stop there.  When I spied the mustard American Tourister in a […]

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the next day, anniversary shoot: wes and amy

Well, the next day was a good one.  One of the most fun I have had in a long time, for lots of reasons.  I started the morning assisting Rachel on a shoot.  I love long drives, coffee, farms, and photography.  That was our whole morning.  Then I showed her a few of my new […]

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and then it went like this, Wells Family

I was very nervous.  That week I happened to flip to an article that talked about overcoming fear and taking more risks.  Which seemed like a nod from God that I should keep going.  Even if I fell flat on my face in front of said supportive friends and wanted to chuck my camera and […]

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