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things we’ve handed down: toes

Do you ever blog in your head?  Around the house, while cooking, or shopping, or doing some other mundane thing?  I do.  These "posts" usually don’t make it to the blog.  Recently, though, I’ve been mentally cataloging a list of images that depict a running theme.  I’ve started photographing them and I have a small […]

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because I couldn’t resist…

I am quite sure that these pictures aren’t as terribly interesting and beautiful to you as they are to this proud mommy, but that doesn’t keep me from sharing them.  She’s now four months old.  And precious as ever.  Notice how her toes curl into a sort of "hello"? I realized today as my computer […]

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baby book: 3 months

  Three months.  Wow.  In some ways, it’s hard to believe so many weeks have passed.  And then again, it seems like a million years since we’ve all felt rested.  It’s true what they say; every child really is different.  At this stage, my firstborn was sleeping from 10:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. without interruption, […]

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lucky me

This was one of those moments where the sun and the stars align for a truly Kodak moment.  I was much more lax in getting out birth announcements for A than for E.  I am incredibly picky about pictures and feared there would be no way I was going to get a good picture of […]

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