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with thanks

This time last year James had just returned home and I was so thankful for all the little things.  I can’t believe how much has happened in a year: a new job (and way of life), in a new state across the country, a new house, new baby. E. (shorthand for Evyn) has spent the […]

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just you and me, kid

Today she sat on my lap, careful not to lean back on "mommy’s tummy" while we watched a program.  It was actually one of my programs – a kitchen show.  And she didn’t mind watching it with me because it meant being with me.  That’s why I love this kid.  She’s taken to enjoying whatever […]

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a harvest holiday

I love this town and hate this town.  It’s small.  There’s a lot of prejudice (from every race) and old ways of thinking.  There’s a surprising amount of crime for the population.  In general, its just one of the most backwards places we’ve lived so far (in my own opinion).  But I am always on […]

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look at you, girl

A few months ago I panicked.  E. was getting bigger.  And bigger.  Everyday.  She just wouldn’t stop growing already.  And I realized she wasn’t my baby anymore.  So I did what any rational person would do: I hired a photographer to come out and capture her little features before she grew out of it all. […]

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