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Happy 11,000 to Me…Greatest Hits

In honor of 11,000 page hits & 100 posts, I offer My Longest Year’s "Greatest Hits." Sidenote: My friend Sarah thinks you should be almost dead or 20 years into a successful endeavor before ever being arrogant enough to think someone cares about your autobiography in a movie (think Fantasia Barrino) or your Greatest Hits […]

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“Bored”: J. Called 16Aug06

Yay!  So, during Bible study today we were studying the section in the book on our "life’s work" and going over the verse "do everything without complaining."   As I was shrinking in my seat recalling my earlier whiney post, J. called.  Saved by the bell! If you can believe this, he’s bored. (!?!) I guess […]

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First Dentist Appt.

E. is not yet two but when I saw little gray spots on the back of her bottom teeth I freaked.  How could she have cavities?  I don’t put her to bed with a sippy cup, I brush her teeth twice a day (okay, I wasn’t as disciplined pre-gray as I am now), she doesn’t […]

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Happy 4th! (and a reminder)

The other day I read this post – a reflection on the flag and reminder to me of the price some have paid for it… My own grandfather lost his kid brother to a war.  He just wanted to follow in his big brother’s footsteps and serve his country.  My great grandmother still grieves for […]

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