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pizza night

Not long ago we started Family Pizza Night.  It's not an original concept, but I tend to subscribe to the do-it-myself-it's-just-easier method of cooking (and cleaning, and check-writing, and phone-calling, etc).   But I'm enjoying this stage of family life and the better part is how involved Evyn wants to be in pretty much everything I […]

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my proud little homeowner

  A couple of weeks ago, Evyn was flipping through her National Geographic for Kids magazine and came upon a "gingerbread" house she just had to make.  Fond of the magazine-inspired creative process myself, I was anxious to help her vision come true.  The magazine featured fancy gumdrops and smarties and pretty coconut flakes, and […]

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dress up a can of tomato soup

Sick as a dog today and barely managing.  But managing, nonetheless.  Wanted to pop in and say hi with a cheater recipe. If you know me at all you know that I am totally into cheating, or at least doing things the easy way if possible.  Over the years I've found some ways to check […]

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SuperMom Lite: homemade baby food

So here's the scoop:  Between Evyn and Ashlyn, I have experienced several disappointing attempts at being SuperMom.  Take breastfeeding – with Evyn, oh the pain!  It was an awful mess that lasted five weeks until the nurse practicioner finally gave me permission to quit (she was gracious enough to see that I needed someone to […]

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farmers’ market soup

  Okay, it's actually called gazpacho.  But whenever I make this summer soup, I think of produce stands and the farmers' market.  Can't you imagine a morning out at the veggie stands with your market tote picking fresh produce for a cool, refreshing soup?  If you like summer vegetables, you have to try it. It's […]

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