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in real life. (durham, nc, photographer)

For some reason I have recently been lucky enough to meet a couple of people who know me not through photography first, but through my writing at my former internet home – My Longest Year.   Margot is a fellow blogger and military wife who was sweet enough to comment and check in on me and my […]

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in case of emergency. (rocky mount, nc, photographer)

It’s like taking a pin out of the grenade – that moment one of your darlings throws up on you.  The countdown begins and you steady yourself for your fate. I have learned to prep for the stomach bug like most people do for tornadoes.  Stockpile.  Housebound with a sick toddler today, my good friend and neighbor was kind […]

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you. (rocky mount, nc photographer and mom to preciousness)

Of my three I think I could write a post about you every day and use no words.  The entire story is always on your face. Today, this sweet haircut you gave yourself.  All of those beautiful bangs.  Chopped off.   I was angry for a few minutes, but have learned to let the little things go.  […]

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the year of jubilee (rocky mount, nc photographer)

Meet Christie – I think she might be my red-haired, Southern twin.  Thanks for humoring my questions, Christie!  From our most recent chat: I remember a few moments during our session where you were sitting apart from the kids, watching them play with their dad.  And you were contented and smiling – you said something […]

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