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going somewhere?

Last year it was dressers.  This year its chairs and suitcases. If you saw the growing collection of both in my garage, you'd think I either planned to do a lot of sitting or a lot of going. You remember MAD's suitcase?  I didn't stop there.  When I spied the mustard American Tourister in a […]

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weekend junk score

If you live near the Raleigh area and love to go junking you have to go to the Raleigh Flea Market.  Have to.  It is a total treat.  There is beautiful junk of every kind there.  Suitcases are, it seems, all the rage.  I saw this one and was intrigued by it – some poor […]

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love, multiplied

A while ago I was marveling at how much joy my little E. is.  She really is an amazing kid.  And I find myself so full of love for her I wondered how I could love another as much.  You all wrote to say that somehow your heart just grows, and the love multiplies.  We […]

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thrift score

I was on my way out of the thrift store when I decided to do a "sweep" of the store to make sure E. hadn’t dropped anything.  That’s when I found this on a quick glance down the book aisle: Yay!!! This 1964 children’s party book is awesomely vintage and still so much fun!  It […]

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the tote formerly known as a sweater

I don’t know how to knit, and these days I am short on the patience required to fashion an entire bag in crochet (though I do have my eye on several patterns I’d like to try this spring).  But I love the idea of a knit bag.  And I love making new things from old […]

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