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it takes a village

Tuesday my friend Lacey painted her toenails.  Thursday, Emily helped her learn to eat squeeze-yogurt.  And for the past year and a half, Sarah and Scottie have been like aunt and uncle to her.  Maybe it’s luck that such a compatible couple moved in next door a year and a half ago.  I think it’s […]

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happiness is…a bubble machine

$10 at Toys R Us and you’ve got yourself a way to keep kiddo entertained and help them get exercise.  A smart mom brought a larger version of this to the park the other day – every kid in the park was running around giggling.  I looked for this one and couldn’t find it, so […]

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look at you, girl

A few months ago I panicked.  E. was getting bigger.  And bigger.  Everyday.  She just wouldn’t stop growing already.  And I realized she wasn’t my baby anymore.  So I did what any rational person would do: I hired a photographer to come out and capture her little features before she grew out of it all. […]

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a mini swap

Remember Bird Week?  That sweet tweet was handmade by our mini-apron swap friend Shanna at Pink Trees. Let me back up for a second.  I could tell from the minute the swap package arrived that I should be prepared to feel inadequate in my own swapping abilities (notice the hand-illustrated label): It’s almost like Shanna […]

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a reader’s choice day

In an effort to distract myself for a bit, I took your suggestions and made plans for the day.  I had been meaning to take E. to the Hands-On Children’s Museum, so it was a perfect start.  We enjoyed the boat and water table, the lentil table, the mini-kitchen, and the garden, where E. harvested […]

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