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my favorite child

If you don’t have a toddler, you should get one:  Does yours actually throw money away? Or, better yet, pick things out of the trash? Okay, so this one is from a while back.  But totally toddler all the same: I have been admiring all the things E. is able to do – especially how […]

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dear library, I’ve missed you

So, like every parent, you know I think my kid is the adorable-est.  But I got a great pic of someone pretty darn cute the other day (E. and I babysat for a friend).  Meet Baby S.: E. read aloud to Baby S. for a while, but then decided (when S. wanted to flip the […]

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for you

I went to my womens’ bible study this morning and they shared this with us.  I felt led to share it with someone else.  It’s meant for someone.  Maybe you. Ephesians 1:3-8 — You are who God says you are: You are blessed (v.3) You are chosen (v.4) You are adopted (v.5; also Rom. 8:23) […]

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two are better than one

My mom sent these lovely "Mommy and me" aprons she made for Valentine’s day (she also included an embroidered reversible smock).  I joke with my mom about how she does everything in "twos."  She didn’t just send J. one Iraq war scrapbook (in a 3-inch binder) when he came back from his first tour; she […]

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a concert for E.

[I know, it’s another Toddler E. post – bear with me here; I’m having fun] Until my mom mentioned it, I’d almost completely forgotten I was once a violinist.  And it dawned on me that E. would probably love it. I played her favorite songs, several classical pieces, and two simple Irish jigs.  She danced […]

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