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Two: A Baby Book post

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEETNESS!!! Things I can do: say "Please" and "Thank You" without prompting, put on my own shoes, put away silverware, pick up all my toys & books, read aloud, make the "Home Alone" face Likes: talking (to anyone/thing, including the wall), edamame, bananas, trains and cars, shoes (especially Mommy’s), balloons, reading out loud, […]

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Preview: Booty Bag Tutorial (*update at bottom)

We had a great time!  Pedicures, pottery painting, & a birthday party for E (pics to come).  It was a nice weekend.  I made two bags for Erin – the gift tote pictured below and a jean skirt purse I promised her ages ago (not pictured lest someone ask me to make them one!).  Both […]

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Camo Booty Bag

A friend paid me to make this bag for her niece, who had admired Auntie’s booty bag.  Her niece had outgrown these Gap pants (camo is everywhere this season!);  I paired them with a pretty pale dotted purple fabric.  Charm is in the details: I used d-rings and added a contrasting fabric tag behind them, […]

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First Dentist Appt.

E. is not yet two but when I saw little gray spots on the back of her bottom teeth I freaked.  How could she have cavities?  I don’t put her to bed with a sippy cup, I brush her teeth twice a day (okay, I wasn’t as disciplined pre-gray as I am now), she doesn’t […]

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My First Apron

When I visit craft blogs I am always fascinated by how many little craft-a-longs, swaps, and joint projects people participate in.  So I decided to join one myself: Tie One On, an apron show-and-tell blog.  This month’s theme is "your favorite musical." This was an easy one; my all-time favorite musical is Annie. So I […]

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