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Lesson Learned:

If your toddler is unusually quiet while your back is turned, be afraid.  Be very afraid. (this isn’t the half of it – her arms are also covered)

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A Few of Her Favorite Things

These are E.’s favorite things this week.  Her favorite snack for a couple of weeks has been orange crayons (notice the chew marks on the end), but thankfully I’ve diverted her attention with a healthy alternative – raisins (which I personally loathe for slightly quirky reasons).  She likes to line up these cars and game […]

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First Kiss

Good friends flew across the country to visit me for a few days just to cheer me up (yes, I have awesome friends).  Their "shy" toddler, J., was obviously smitten by E. – and who can blame him?  Strangely, this kind of looks like the first kiss with my husband. (I miss you and your […]

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Future Football Player?

Love this pic…  E. fished the football out of our "Daddy Box" (box o’ stuff for J.’s care packages) and played with it all day.  Here she’s taking a break to watch some t.v. and rest.

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