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the mommy files: Bev. (Rocky Mount, NC photographer)

Meet Bev.  It would be easy to look at her and think her life must be perfect.  But it’s been a tough year.  And I’m glad she’s on the sunny-er side of it. ME: What has been the most challenging thing about being a mother – besides doing it with a pacemaker? Bev: Let’s see.  […]

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all the days. (rocky mount nc baby photographer)

Eight years ago my husband deployed, just as the war in Iraq officially commenced.  I remember being almost literally paralyzed with anxiety, fear of the unknown, and – even grief.  It’s difficult to explain, unless you’ve been through it.  But I guess that goes for most things personal and difficult.  I was almost inconsolable, and […]

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steel magnolia (rocky mount, nc family photographer)

Ginger and I go way back.  I’ve known her since I was just 17 and a freshman in college in Nashville, Tennessee.  At some point mid-way through college, I moved in with her and her parents just a few miles away from school and only a short block from my Nana and Grandpa.  I was […]

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Speaking of Mama Accomplishments – She Won!

This is my friend Andrea.  You may remember her image in a previous post.  If you voted for her, thank you!  Because guess what?  SHE WON!  Can you believe it?  I can believe it.  It was both beautiful and deserving.   Andrea is an amazing wife, mom, friend, and photographer. I’m not sure what it all […]

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She did it! (Rocky Mount, NC Photography)

I’m on a bit of a mission.  You’ve read how important I feel it is for Mom to get in the picture…and I’ve taken it a step further to say maybe Mom should even dare get a picture of “just” herself.  So I was a bit thrilled that this Mom, Wife, Daughter – and recent […]

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