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day 13: routines

So, I guess this isn't technically a "routine."  She doesn't play with her tea set EVERY day.  But role-playing has become a recurring theme with Ashlyn and it's fun to watch.  What took me a little by surprise today was how well she was able to entertain herself for a stretch of time.


I've often worried/wondered if Ash would ever be able to play independently, considering she spends most of her day as a disciple of Evyn.  Today this made me smile:


charlotte - me too!

day 11: dreams. (rocky mount, nc “everything my kids do is cute” photographer)

(for today’s photo challenge at Willette’s blog).

The girl has dreams.  Many, many dreams.  She’s so serious about her dreams that she almost frets over them.

Looking out the window on the drive home, “Mom, when I’m older do I get to drive?”

“Yes, Baby.  When you’re older.” (like WAY older since I have issues with the thought of letting my kids drive – it’s a long story.)

“Well, how will I know how to drive?  I mean, how do you know how to do it?  Is someone going to teach me?”

She started to sound a bit frantic at this point.

“Don’t worry, Ev.  One of us will teach  you.”  Me, thinking harder about that, “Probably daddy.  Daddy will teach you.”

“Oh okay.”


“Mom?  Can we go to the car dealer tomorrow so I can start thinking about what kind of car I’m going to drive?”

She’s totally my kid.

Which is why we are tickled but never surprised when Evyn shows us her drawings of her future.  This one – her house.  Which looks very similar to ours.

I’ll let you take a look and try to guess before I give you the answers to everything.

Per Evyn: First floor is a couch, lamp (with a coil cord you can barely make out in pink), TV.  That’s an attached garage to the right.

Second floor is her bed and – get this – a TV.  This is where Ev is asserting the fact that she gets to make choices when she’s older.  Because those girls definitely do not have TV’s in their rooms.

Third floor – kitchen.  I guess Ev will take after me because there’s nothing fancy going on here.  A stove and a table.  I mean, who needs to wash dishes?

Fourth floor.  The bathroom.  Toilet, shower sink.  Oh, and that top space – she told me she left plenty of room for an attic.

This bed of hers – well, it pretty much looks like the one she has now, complete with a heart pillow with wings.  Except, as she pointed out, this one will a pink version of the one we gave up when Cam was born – her spool bed that I have to admit even I miss.

Ginger McCabe - I love your personal post… It is photographer’s like you, that have really inspired me to post more personal pictures. keep em coming sweetie! mwah!!

where they’re comfortable (rocky mount, nc, baby photographer)

Today’s photo challenge was to photograph the space where they’re most comfortable.

Baby Cam’s favorite space?  His crib, thanktheLord.   He was a sleeper from the beginning.  No books needed.  My little Dude took to this space like a fish to water.

amy rhodes - Both pictures are adorable. I love it when babies curl their legs under their butts when they sleep.

Great shots.

Jaime - So sweet! I’ve been wanting to get a few of my youngest like this…gonna have to work on getting one now.

Sako - Love these photos! My little girl sucks on her fingers too :)

Yasher - Absolutely gorgeous photos!

when your wings are feeble

I heard this song at church last Sunday, sung by a church member – honestly and beautifully.  I was touched.

If I could I would send a copy to everyone I know who is exhausted under the weight of stress, hardship, tragedy, expectations, worldly-ness, or self-doubt.

“My heart is restless in me; My wings are all worn out” If you feel this way today, have a listen:

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Amber - Just bought it on itunes – thanks for sharing – made my day! Such a perfect song for how I’ve been feeling!

shannon - Crystal…what a beautiful song and so perfect for my life right now…I’ve been listening to it each night!

Andrea - I just happened upon your blog … my husband was in the military for 30 years … before email, before cellphones. We had paper, pen and stamps. But regardless of the era in which we live … military life is difficult, especially on the children.
Look for strength and laughter and fun wherever you can find it …. time passes and that is good.
Warm thoughts to you and your family.

evyn said

This afternoon as I was passing by the girls, cuddled together under a blanket and watching Stuart Little…

E: "Mom, what is Ashlyn allergic to?"

Me: "Nothing…"

E: "Gr. She gets to pet cats." (E laments her cat allergy frequently)

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